2024 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition returns with minor tweaks

Exterior: The Circuit Edition retains its distinctive features, including the bulging hood with air vents, functional front air ducts,  

angular LED headlights, black rear spoiler, lower rear diffuser, and a triple exhaust setup.  

But the big news is the new Blue Flame paint color, which adds a head-turning look to this hot hatch.

Chassis and Body Modifications: Toyota engineers have made subtle changes for the 2024 model year.

Aluminum sheets have been added to the front and rear bumpers to improve aerodynamics. Structural adjustments to the front bumper airflow outlet enhance overall performance.  

Additionally, new ribbed flange bolts secure the steering gear box to the front suspension subframe, while wider-head bolts mount the rear suspension to the rear subframe.

Multiple Trim Options: A wider range of trims could cater to different preferences and budgets.