Honda Civic Type R vs Ford Focus RS vs SEAT Leon SC Cupra 300  – Supertest review:

In a fiercely competitive hot hatch segment, the Honda Civic Type R, Ford Focus RS,

and SEAT Leon SC Cupra 300 battle for supremacy, each bringing distinct flavors of performance, handling, and technology to the table.

The Civic Type R impresses with its razor-sharp handling and turbocharged power, delivering an engaging driving experience that’s hard to match.

Meanwhile, the Focus RS counters with its all-wheel-drive grip and a drift mode, offering exhilarating dynamics that thrill enthusiasts.

The SEAT Leon SC Cupra 300 isn't far behind, blending potent performance with practicality and a touch of Spanish flair. Each of these vehicles offers

something unique, making the choice largely dependent on personal preference and driving style.

This supertest review dives into the details, comparing everything from acceleration times and handling prowess.