The Toyota Corolla Truck Could Dethrone the Ford Maverick

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid: Fuel Efficiency: The Corolla Cross Hybrid boasts an impressive 53 mpg combined and a base price of $23,650.

Cargo Space: It offers a meager 13.1 cubic feet of cargo space, which may be limiting.  

Infotainment: Despite being an inch smaller, its infotainment system is decent.

Efficiency and Comfort: It’s more efficient, rides better, and provides a better driver’s interface. Parking is easier as well.

Ford Maverick Hybrid: Pricing Advantage: The Maverick Hybrid’s base price of $19,995 makes it more affordable. 

Cargo Capacity: With a massive 33.3 cubic feet of cargo space, it outshines the Corolla Cross.

The GR Corolla's impressive sales performance reaffirms Toyota's commitment to offering a diverse lineup that caters to a wide range of preferences and driving preferences.