Which is Better: 2024 Ford Maverick vs 2024 Ram Rampage?

The 2024 Ford Maverick and the 2024 Ram Rampage are set to ignite the compact pickup segment.

The Maverick, known for its fuel efficiency and affordability, starts at an attractive MSRP of $23,815.

It offers a hybrid powertrain, appealing to the eco-conscious driver.

The Ram Rampage, expected to start around $34,000,  

brings a touch of luxury to the compact truck class with features like a leather-covered interior and power-opening tailgate.  

The Rampage also boasts a higher payload capacity, potentially making it the workhorse of choice for those needing to haul more.

Ultimately, the better pick depends on individual needs: the Maverick for efficiency and value, or the Rampage for luxury and payload.